Red Mountain Jug Band

Red Mountain Jug Band was formed in January 2017 by Jerrod Atkins and Corey Medders after saying farewell to their previous band of four years. During those years, they spent their days performing and busking locally and nationally, traveling the country, playing anywhere they could sit their instrument cases. From the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, the National Jug Band Jubilee and the main deck of the Belle of Louisville steamboat in Louisville, Kentucky, to center stage of the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota with Garrison Keillor for A Prairie Home Companion. The guys have seen quite a bit, been many places and listened to a lot of old 78 rpm records, honing their craft and meeting many great and talented musicians and friends along the way. Keep an eye and ear out for this band on your nearest street corner and in your favorite lounge!

Jerrod Atkins

Corey Medders

Upcoming Events

  • Oct 23
    Cahaba Brewing Company,  Birmingham
  • Oct 27
    Vulcan Park,  Birmingham
  • Nov 2
    Bridges Farm,  Odenville

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